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Basement Renovations & Remodeling in Toronto 


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Basement Remodeling in Toronto

If your house has underground space left unfinished during its construction, chances are you end up using this space as the dumping area of different items. But, did you know that you can actually convert an unfinished basement into an attractive living space with a few tweaks? Basement remodeling in Toronto is one of the best home renovation projects you can do to make the most out of the extra space that you probably taken for granted all these years. 

Before you proceed with the project, there are several things you need to lay out when you remodel your basement:

Basement Remodeling Plans

How efficient your basement design is will depend on how you converted your basement to make it a more inhabitable area. For this, you can create a recreational family room, wine cellar, home theater, children’s playroom, teenage room, exercise gym, spa, or any other form of utility room you want. The actual designs and plans for your basement can differ depending on what you plan to do with it. If you want to design your basement as part of your living space, you might want to add a basic bathroom to your basement so you don’t have to make frequent trips up the stairs. 

Proceed with Preliminary Repairs

Prior to starting your basement remodeling in Toronto, you first need to take care of the issues in your basement. Try to patch up those cracks on the floors and walls. In most houses, lighting and plumbing are often left uncared in basements. You have to completely seal water leaks before you work on your basement design. Damaged roofing and flooring must also be repaired before you proceed with the remodeling project. In some instances, you might also need to demolish a part of your basement floor to continue with the design. 


Also an integral part of basement remodeling in Toronto is the laying out of floors. Recreational rooms should be constructed near natural light areas since your basement is going to be naturally darker compared to other areas of your home. You might want to add a new kind of flooring to set your basement apart from other parts of your house, ir you can also stick with the same flooring theme in your house. 


Basement walls will be among the least cared things in your house and reconstruction requires lots of work with walls. Mildew and mould must be cleared as well as the right tiles must be used. You should do waterproofing before you proceed with basement remodeling. You can dramatically enhance the quality of a remodeled basement through opting for different wall colors. 


The ceiling type used in basements can also differ depending on how the basement is constructed. A common choice for homeowners are dropped ceiling tiles. Drywall ceilings are ideal since these can make a basement seem larger. 

Basement remodeling in Toronto could be an expensive and tedious task so make sure that you leave this job to professionals who can do the job and provide you the best results.