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We Take Pride in Our Work and Thrive on Satisfying Our Clients

Our Mission!

We are all about quality and craftsmanship, and we base our price on those beliefs, we do not cut corners nor do we take customers hard earned money for granted, we protect our interests and our interests are satisfying our customers, we thrive on delivering top quality and hassle free service. Our 250 satisfied customer can speak on our behalf!

Our Story

I, Marco Mahravan Co-founder of Integrated Renovation Services strongly believe, to be able to deliver satisfaction to all clients I need to be present and hands on with all projects, Iam a firm believer that leaving job sites and projects unattended will result in unsatisfied work. Therefore I will always be there to ensure a perfect craftsmanship and a honest work. with that in mind, I never take on new projects unless I'm completely finished with the current job at hand, I believe lots of contractor fail in that aspect and the results have always been harmful to the owners and their hardworking dollars.

Why should you Renovate?

Don't Take our word for it, here is a column from RBC on Why you should Renovate?

If you already own a home and you're thinking about moving and buying another home, you may want to think about renovating your existing home. Of course, it all depends on why you want to move.

However, if you like the area in which you're living and the only reason you're thinking about moving is that your home doesn't meet your requirements, renovating may be a more practical and cost-effective solution.

Over the last several years, with stock market performance weak, many people have turned to their homes as a source of investment, putting money into renovations which they feel will add value to their homes. From their point of view, this is one investment with a sure pay-off, if not financially at least in the increased enjoyment of their home.

The following is a list of typical renovations that can have a positive impact on the value of your home. According to the findings of the Appraisal Institute of Canada in its national 1999 Renovations and Home Value Survey, some renovations will result in a higher average pay-back (or dollars returned) at the time of sale:

  • Interior painting and decor (73%)
  • Kitchen (72%)
  • Bathroom (68%)
  • Exterior painting (65%)
  • Flooring upgrades (62%)
  • Window/door replacement (57%)
  • Main floor family room addition (51%)
  • Fireplace addition (50%)
  • Basement renovation(49%)
  • New furnace or heating system (48%)

Real estate experts suggest you avoid renovations which increase the value of your home significantly beyond other homes in your area. If you do, you probably won't recover the full value of your expenditures.

Over 250 Satisfied Clients

Since 2003 we have managed to satisfy over 250 clients, our Excellent references speak louder than words!!!!